Research Papers

Emerging Digital Generations? Impacts of Child Digital Use on Mental and Socioemotional Well-Being across Two Cohorts in Ireland, 2007–2018

A new academic study by DIGYMATEX researchers Melissa Bohnert and Dr. Pablo Gracia, of Trinity College Dublin’s Department of Sociology, published in the 31 August 2020 issue of Child Indicators Research, the official Journal of the International Society for Child Indicators.

The study indicates that use of digital devices can have moderately negative effects on children’s mental health and socio-emotional development, with the extent of the damage varying widely, depending on the quantity and quality of the child’s specific screen-time activities.

EU Kids Online 2020: New European study on children and the internet in 19 countries

This report presents the findings from a survey of
children aged 9–16 from 19 European countries. The
data were collected between autumn 2017 and
summer 2019 from 25,101 children by national teams
from the EU Kids Online network.