What we do

DIGYMATEX will apply cutting edge technology and research data to establish new tools that will contribute to a safer and more beneficial use of digital technologies by children.

Among others, the project will develop the following solutions:

Digital Youth
Maturity Index (DYMI)

An innovative tool that will establish and implement a comprehensive understanding and taxonomy of children’s digital maturity. The DYMI will precisely measure and predict harmful and beneficial ICT-related behaviour and consequences for specific user groups.

The secure cloud-based open-access tool will serve as a measurement tool for classification and segmentation of ICT-related user groups, as well as a behavioural prediction tool based on machine-learning techniques.

An additional research-based objective strongly relates to the generalisability and the impact breadth of the index by investigating the interdependencies and potential long-term effects on children’s digital maturity and essential competencies of child development, such as performance and decision-making.


A technology-related solution and recommendation program, which supports the application of the DYMI on three levels – individual, social and national.

The program will help to improve relevant dimensions of children’s digital maturity, the development of ICT-related competencies and support the more beneficial influence on components of child development.

The DigYou3 program applies a systematic user-centred design-thinking approach with an active integration of children and families in the development process as well as relevant stakeholder groups.

The two innovative tools, together with research conducted on the interaction of children’s digital maturity and competencies of child development, will provide data on the long-term effects of ICT on child behaviour.