DIGYMATEX Reveals New Tool to Measure Children’s Digital Maturity

The Digital Maturity Inventory (DIMI) provides researchers with the ability to assess the use of digital technologies by young people, and can be requested on the website of the project.

MADRID, Spain, November 22, 2022 –The EU-funded DIGYMATEX Project  launched a new tool to measure young people’s digital maturity at the consortium meeting, which took place in Madrid November 14-15, 2022.

Known as the Digital Maturity Inventory (DIMI), the scale was developed and validated by DIGYMATEX researchers from the University of Vienna and Aarhus University. The DIMI proved to be a reliable and valid measure to study digital technology usage by young people.

“There is a lot of discussion on the topic of digital device usage by young children and the negative impact it has on their development, focusing mainly on digital addiction and screen time,” said DIGYMATEX project coordinator, Associate Professor Marco Hubert of Aarhus University, Denmark.

“Based on research of psychosocial maturity and self-determination theory, DIGYMATEX experts have introduced and investigated the concept of digital maturity as a novel view on young people’s use of digital technologies. The Digital Maturity Inventory is the first attempt to translate the concept of digital maturity into a measurement toolbox.”

The project applies an inter-disciplinary, multi-method approach by integrating and connecting expertise, methods and knowledge from different research areas such as business management, psychology, sociology, neuroscience, media and information systems.

DIGYMATEX received funding through the EU Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme under grant agreement No 870578. It is comprised of 12 partner organisations from leading universities, research institutions and technology companies in 10 countries, including Denmark (Aarhus University, IBM Denmark), Germany (Freie Universitaet Berlin, Universitatsklinikum Bonn), Austria (Universitat Wien), Spain (IE Business School), Norway (Nofima), Greece (Athens University of Economics and Business), the Netherlands (Universiteit Van Amsterdam), Ireland (Trinity College Dublin), Israel (Agora Partners) and France (Vitagora Pole).

To learn more about the Digital Maturity Inventory (DIMI), click here.